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Deciding on what will happen when we are no longer around is something a lot of people put off thinking about let alone discussing.  Likewise, we do not like to think what will happen if and when we can no longer make our own decisions.

Here at Stapletons Solicitors we can provide expert advice to help you write your Will, put a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, deal with the administration of an estate, or provide limited advice on a disputed estate.

Wills and Inheritance & Tax Planning

Many of us do not realise exactly what will happen to our assets if we do not leave a Will and unfortunately make the wrong assumptions as to how our assets will be divided.  At Stapletons Solicitors we can provide specialist advice and guidance on drawing up your Will and are also well placed to advise you whether there may be a better way of structuring your affairs in a more tax efficient way.

Our experienced Lawyers can answer all of your questions and also raise some for you to consider that you may not have thought of.

Regardless of how small or large your estate is, whether you consider your affairs straightforward or complex, we can assist you with our expert Will writing service.

Contact our team so we can ascertain your requirements and provide you with a fixed fee quotation for drawing up your Will.

We will also store your Will for you free of charge, so you know where it is being safely stored at all times.

Administration of Estates (Probate)

Following the death of a loved one we appreciate what a difficult time it can be and we want to be here to help you through the administration of their estate.  You may also find yourself in the position where a friend, neighbour or colleague has named you as an Executor, either in your personal or professional capacity and you need to deal with the administration of their estate.

Whether administering the estate in your personal or professional capacity, here at Stapletons we can assist with the burden and stress that you may feel under.  We can clearly explain your obligations as an Executor, where you may have found yourself in that position having been named in a Will or because a loved one did not leave a will and you are their next of kin.  We will assist you in collecting in the assets of the estate, preparing the necessary Inheritance Tax returns and ensuring payment of the correct amount of Inheritance Tax, to the correct distribution of the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will, or Intestacy rules if no Will was left.

We are also best placed to advise you on possible ways to mitigate and potentially reduce any tax liability in accordance with the Law.

Inheritance Disputes

Unfortunately, sometimes the terms of a Will or its validity can be contested.  The beneficiaries may feel that they have received something other than what has been left, or parties may have been excluded from the Will altogether causing a dispute where emotions will run high.

At this time we can provide you with advice about how to try and amicably resolve the dispute if possible, and if not, what your options are.  We can advise you regardless of whether you are a beneficiary, an executor or a party who believes they have been wrongly excluded.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

People make lasting Power of Attorney to provide themselves with protection should they be unable to make their own decisions in the future.  They are a good way of ensuring your wishes are respected should you be unable to make decisions for yourself in the future.

There are two types of lasting Powers of Attorney, one which relates to your property and financial affairs and the other your health and welfare.

Contact our experienced Lawyers to provide you with the help and advice you need to assist you in deciding which type you need, or whether making both is a better option for you.

Please contact Monika Patel for an initial consultation in relation to all your private client needs on 020 8886 6876 or click here to fill out our enquiry form and we will call you back.