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At Stapletons Solicitors we offer advice, assistance and support on all aspects of Family Law.  We provide initial fixed fee consultations, so that help is at hand at an affordable fixed price when you need it most.  Our family Lawyer is here to give you guidance, to help resolve your differences or to find an amicable resolution to the breakdown of your family set up.


If your relationship has broken down and you are thinking of getting divorced, we are here to help you through a difficult time in your life.   We are sympathetic to your needs and will look to guide you through the process.  We know you will have lots of questions about the actual process and what may happen to your home, possessions and assets and how you may be affected financially.  You will also be concerned about your children if you have any, and what will happen to them following the divorce.    We are here to be able to answer your questions.

Financial Remedy

In getting divorced, a large part of the process can also be dividing your family assets and we are well placed to provide you with specialist advice in this regard.  We can give you an indication of the likely division of your assets and can help negotiate the best possible financial outcome for you.

Arrangements for Children

One of the most difficult aspects of a broken relationship is dealing with the separation when you have children.  Ultimately it is your children’s wellbeing that you will be concerned with, and they to will have emotional and practical needs to be considered.

We are very knowledgeable in this area of law, our firm having successfully represented a client on obtaining Shared Residence, the case D v D (2001)  IFLR495 ) still being the established legal precedent relating to this area many years on.

Regardless of whether you are a mother or father, we are experienced in pursuing your family needs.

Domestic Violence

Living with physical or mental abuse from a partner is a difficult situation to detract yourself from.  It can be daunting to seek help in the first place.  Contacting us is the first step to a resolution.  You can talk to our Lawyer in complete confidence and they will make sure that they provide you with the support you need to make the change you want.

We can take swift action to obtain a Court Order if necessary to provide the protection you and your family need from an abusive partner.

Cohabitation Agreements

Many couples now live together without feeling the need to get married.  It is a common misconception that because you live together with your partner and are emotionally involved as if you were a married couple, that you would be treated the same way by the Law if you were to separate.  Unfortunately this is not the case and whilst no one wants to enter a relationship and think about what will happen if they separate, it is a possibility in life and you can therefore enter into a cohabitation agreement to set up what will happen in the event of a relationship breakdown.  It is easier to discuss the matter with your partner when you are in a good place with each other mentally and emotionally rather than when your relationship has unfortunately broken down and people can think less rationally.

Separation Agreements

If you and your partner are contemplating divorce or ending your relationship having cohabited, it may be that a Separation Agreement is a better alternative to divorce to see how things work out.  We can provide you with the support you need to put together an agreement to set out what will happen if you do proceed to a divorce or permanent separation.  We can help outline your options, so as you can make the right choices.

Pre Nuptial and Post Nuptial Agreements

No one can guarantee where they will be in the future.  No one enters into marriage presuming they will separate in the future, but unfortunately it is a possibility.  Entering into a pre nuptial agreement can help ease the difficulty of a divorce should it happen as it will set out what will happen to both parties’ finances and assets.  These agreements give you both the opportunity to discuss what is fair in advance of your big day.  These agreements can also be entered into following marriage (post nuptial agreements) although we think you are better placed if you can agree the terms before marriage.  Remember that dealing with your finances by entering into a pre/post nuptial agreement can save you financially in the future.

Change of Name

Sometimes people wish to change their names (or their children’s names) following divorce or marriage, and sometimes we just don’t like the name we were given at birth.  At Stapletons Solicitors we can draw up a Change of Name Deed for you, so as you can be addressed as you want to be.

We offer an initial one hour fixed fee consultation for all family matters fixed at £100.00 plus VAT, so as you can have a no obligation chat with our experienced family Lawyer to ask all of the questions that you have on your mind, and discuss your concerns.  Contact Ipek Bekir to arrange your appointment on 020 8886 6876 or click here to fill out our enquiry form and we will call you back.